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The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

A true heavy-duty hydraulic squeeze chute built for any feedlot operation

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3182 lbs


52-56" W X 100" H X 135" L

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All wearable parts are bolt-on for easy replacement, so you’ll be back up and running in no time, with no welding required. If a bigger issue does arise, our Client Care Team is ready to assist anywhere, anytime, and parts are always kept in stock so you’re never in a pinch.

Back Cylinder

Replacing the back cylinders

Neck Extenders

Replacing the neck extenders

Side Access

Replacing the side access panels

Squeeze Cylinder

Replacing the squeeze cylinder

Features: What you need most

The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Enhanced Wheel Kit

Take your chute anywhere you need it with our NEW, enhanced wheel kit. Featuring a winch system that raises and lowers the chute in 16 turns or less, the wheels are installed in minutes, so you can load up and head out.

The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Three Ways to Work

The Major features a unique 3-way squeeze and live floor, first seen with The General. Choose between parallel squeeze for the best flow from alley to chute, A-squeeze for rowdy or nervous cattle prone to going up, or V-squeeze to support cattle, keep them upright, and accommodate larger animals.

The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Unmatched Access

When you’re running cattle of different sizes and temperaments, you need full access to get the job done quickly and easily. Featuring 6 drop-down bars, split bottom access gates, and emergency exit doors on each side, processing cattle is as efficient as possible.

The Major Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Hydraulic Neck Extenders

Get optimal head control with Hydraulic Neck Extenders. By gently stretching the animal's neck forward and keeping them stationary, treating and vaccinating are complete in seconds.

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