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Heavy Duty Cattle Chutes And Feedlot Cattle Equipment

Our Objective:

Minimize Downtime, so you can focus on your operation, not your equipment.

Whether you run hundreds or thousands of head of cattle through your feedlot operation, you need a squeeze chute and cattle equipment you can trust to keep you, your employees, and your livestock safe. Your equipment also needs to withstand time, repeated use, and rowdy cattle. If your current equipment is failing in its mission and not living up to your operational standards, it’s time to decommission it and enlist equipment that will.  

Introducing Operation Arrowquip, a division of Arrowquip focused solely on feedlot operations. When you’re on the frontline and have the weight of managing your operation, ensuring you make a profit, and keeping your employees and cattle safe on your shoulders, you should be able to rely on your cattle handling equipment. 

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Our Mission:

Supply true hydraulic cattle equipment to keep your feedlot operation running smoothly, no matter what.

1) Easy-to-Replace Parts

Parts are kept in stock and bolt-on for fast, easy replacement with welding never required. 

2) 24/7 Customer Service

Our team is available anytime and anywhere if an issue with your equipment does arise, and works to ship parts directly to you in as little as 24 hours.

3) Safety is Top Priority

At Operation Arrowquip, we understand safety and efficiency are number one. That's why we build our equipment with animal science and operator safety at the forefront. 

General hydraulic cattle chute feature

The General

The best heavy-duty, high-quality hydraulic feedlot cattle chute

Product Details
Colonel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Chute

The Colonel

A heavy-duty, durable feedlot hydraulic chute built for performance.

Product Details
The major hydraulic squeeze chute feature

The Major

A true heavy-duty hydraulic squeeze chute built for any feedlot operation

Product Details