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Unrivaled Warranty

All Arrowquip feedlot cattle equipment is backed by our industry-leading warranty and a lifetime guarantee on all head gate and tail gate rollers, rump fingers, and heavy-duty, true rubber floors. Work confidently, knowing your equipment will be able to stand up to anything you throw at it.

The Intel

15 Year Warranty

Up to 250,000 head (The General) Up to 200,000 head (The Colonel) Up to 150,000 head (The Major)

Lifetime Guarantee

What's Covered: Rump Fingers, Rubber Floors, Delrin Blocks (The General), Door Rollers (The Major)


Neck Extenders: 2-Year Warranty

Your Assignment

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You’ve enlisted your newest recruit. If your dealer hasn’t already done so, register your equipment now to get your information on file, so you’re always covered. 

Read the Manual

Get to know your recruit. Our mission is to keep handlers and animals safe. Assist us by reviewing your product manual so you know the ins and outs of your equipment to keep it running to the best of its ability.

Get Working

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Your equipment must be registered prior to submitting a warranty claim. To register your equipment, please fill out our product registration form. For any questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-275-6075.

Your product must be registered to claim warranty. Any owner who fails to register their product warranty with Arrowquip through their Authorized Arrowquip Dealer voluntarily voids their warranty.

Arrowquip will repair or replace products or parts of a product that prove defective due to manufacturer defect during the Warranty Period, at their sole discretion. This excludes defects resulting from normal wear and tear or product misuse. Warranty does not cover corrosion. Any modification, in any fashion, to any piece of Arrowquip equipment immediately voids the warranty. This includes any parts and pieces contained therein.

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