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Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes for Cattle

A hydraulic cattle chute is a squeeze chute operated using hydraulic controls for the tail gate, head gate, squeeze, and head control accessories. A well-designed hydraulic chute is made in coordination with low-stress cattle handling practices and focuses on keeping animals and handlers safe at all times. When looking for a hydraulic cattle chute, you want to ensure it is durable, well-made, quiet, and backed by a company that stands behind its products. Watch for top-mounted engines, as the noise can spook animals, causing them to become chute shy, and as a result, making processing difficult and time-consuming.

The General

The best heavy-duty, high-quality hydraulic feedlot cattle chute

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The Colonel

A heavy-duty, durable feedlot hydraulic chute built for performance.

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The Major

A true heavy-duty hydraulic squeeze chute built for any feedlot operation

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